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This is applicable to promotions from P2 to ATS III after successful completion of the appropriate Teacher Proficiency Course. The course is conducted by the Director of Quality Assurance and Standards in the Ministry of Education.TPC is advertised in the print media.

Application for TPC Course

Interested candidates will apply using prescribed forms available at Area Education Offices countrywide. Selection to the course is done by the field agents and training conducted. A list of successful candidates is submitted to the Commission for vetting and promotion.

Promotion on Attainment of higher qualification

Teachers who attain higher qualifications will be awarded increments as follows: ATS II/I teacher who attain relevant Diploma/Degree are awarded one/two incremental credits respectively. Teachers who attain relevant Masters/ Doctorate Degree are awarded three incremental credits. Incremental credits will not be awarded beyond the maximum salary point attached to a particular salary scale. Teachers will qualify for an increment for each year of completed service provided that the maximum salary point attached to a particular salary scale is not exceeded. Note: A teacher found guilty in a discipline case shall not be considered for promotion until he/she has completed two years of satisfactory teaching service.