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Reporting for Duty

On employment the teacher is required to report to the duty station within two weeks from the date of posting.
Upon reporting to the duty station:

The head of institution should promptly submit a Casualty Return to the TSC headquarters.

The teacher is appointed on payroll.

The effective date of appointment should not be earlier than the one indicated in the letter of offer of employment.
The salary entry point, grade and automatic allowances will be based on qualifications and previous experience.

Mode of payment

After appointment on payroll, salary will be paid either through cash or bank.

Cash payment

  • A teacher without a bank account will receive salary through the nearest Post Office.
  • A teacher will be required to produce an introduction letter from the head of institution and an original identity card when being paid.

For convenience you are advised to open a bank account and forward the account details to the Commission

Payment through the bank

  • Fill a bank form and attach certified copies of identity card, bank plate and recent pay slip. The form is available at all TSC Units.
  • Submit the form through the head of institution to TSC headquarters.