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Proposed Contributory Pension Scheme:

The government proposes a public servants superannuation scheme.

  • This is a defined pension benefit scheme where both the employer and the employee contribute certain proportions towards pension benefits.
  • It is mandatory for those joining service and those below 45 years.
  • Those above 45 years can opt to join.

Benefits of the proposed contributory Pension scheme

An employee can transfer pension benefit credits from a former employer to another with a similar Pension scheme.

  • The scheme allows employees to access part of their benefits even before the mandatory retirement age.
  • Teachers joining the scheme from non-contributory pension scheme will have their past benefits transferred to the new scheme.
  • Widows and Children’s Pension Scheme (WCPS) and NSSF contribution will cease immediately an employee joins the scheme.
  • Those who remain in the free Pension Act will be bound by the provision of the Pensions Act cap 189.

Types of NSSF Benefits

  1. i.            Age benefits

Members are eligible for this benefit when they attain 55 years and have retired from regular employment.

  1. ii.            Withdrawal benefits

This is a benefit payable to members who have attained the age of 50 years and have retired from formal employment.

  1. iii.            Survivors’ benefits

This is payable to members who have been rendered invalid due to physical or mental illness and cannot earn a reasonable livelihood.

  1. iv.            Invalidity benefits

Paid to a member who is certified as being incapable of working due to physical or mental disability permanently.

  1. v.            Emigration grants benefits

This benefit is payable to members, without any reference to age, who are emigrating from Kenya to any other country without the intention of returning to Kenya.

Funeral Grant

  • This is a cash token to support the bereaved family of a deceased member.  It is paid to a nominated family representative of the deceased member as long as the latter had made at least 3 months contributions to the NSSF.  The grant is payable within three months after the death of the member.
  • Teachers who served under temporary terms of service should visit NSSF offices in their sub-counties and obtain a schedule showing the amount and period of contribution. Where the amount is not reflected, the statement should be forwarded to the Commission for updating. The benefits are payable in accordance to NSSF Act Cap 258.

A teacher who is offered employment by the Public Service Commission will have his/her past service with the Commission transferred to the new Ministry. Such a teacher shall be required to apply for Transfer of service attaching the appointment letter, acceptance of offer letter and TSC clearance certificate.

The Commission will then:

  • Process Transfer of Service documents.
  • Submit documents to the relevant ministry/department.

A teacher who is injured in the course of his duty will qualify for injury pension. For payment:

  • The injury must be reported within six months within the date of occurrence.
  • A letter from the head of institution or agent detailing the circumstances, the time and the place of the accident should be attached.
  • A medical report from the doctor who attended to the teacher should also be attached.


A teacher who has been appointed to a Public Institution, Teachers Union, non-profit making educational institution or Parastatal should:

  • Submit an application to the Commission in writing through the head of institution or agent and attach a copy of the appointment letter, a letter of acceptance of the offer and a TSC clearance certificate from the head of institution in order to be released.

  • The benefits from the teaching service are suspended until one retires with benefits from the institution he/she was released to.



A teacher on permanent and pensionable terms can resign from service after giving three months’ notice in writing or pay one month’s basic salary in lieu of notice. Resignation will not attract any pension benefits. However, a male teacher who resigns or is dismissed from service is entitled to WCPS refund. Such a teacher should write claiming the refund.