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Transfer requests are normally considered for approval by the Appointment Board, once, at the end of the year. However, the Commission can transfer a teacher at its discretion. A teacher wishing to be considered for transfer should do so by:

  • Filling in a transfer application form through the head of institution. Transfer forms are available at the DEO/DCE/MEO or can be downloaded from TSC website.
  • Completed application forms should be sent to the TSC or its agents by the head of institution.
  • Transfers for primary school teachers within the district will be handled by the DEO/DCE/MEO. Transfers outside the district will be handled by the TSC headquarters.
  • Transfers for post primary teachers, within the province, will be handled by the PDE in consultation with TSC. Transfers outside the province will be handled at the TSC headquarters.

Transfer requests submitted to the Commission will be acknowledged promptly. The decision of the Appointment Board will later be communicated to the teacher.
Transfers will be granted subject to availability of vacancy and replacement.